Why Choose A Professional Videographer?

Iím hiring a professional photographer, isnít that enough?

Not really. While we agree that wedding photos are great, they simply cannot capture the combination of motion & sound and the resulting emotion that video offers. With video, you not only see a snapshot of the brideís entrance, you can also see her smile develop or perhaps you will see the tears in her fatherís eyes. You will hear the vows, recitations, special music or poems at the ceremony, as well as the message given by the minister. You wonít miss the cheers of your friends and family at the reception, and you will hear every word of their speeches, hear their laughter and see the tears of joy. You can not only see, but re-experience your first dance, cake cutting and bouquet toss. And most likely, you will see many things you simply would have missed otherwise. If your wedding is like most, it may even be one of the few times you have all your family members together in one place. Why let all that slip into a distant memory when you donít have to? In short, nothing captures these unrepeatable events like a professional video. And thereís no better time than your wedding to take advantage of it.

My photographer can also shoot video, shouldnít I just have him or her do it?

While there are some companies that offer both photography and videography, we focus exclusively on video and refer our clients to photographers we have worked with. The reason is simple. While they seem similar and are indeed complementary, photography and videography are really two different art forms requiring different equipment, software and techniques. Companies that offer both will generally either do one or the other well but usually will not do both well, unless they are large enough to offer completely separate staff and equipment.

What drives the cost of professional video?

What many people donít fully understand is that while we are, of course, very busy during the wedding itself, working hard to capture every detail, once the day is over (and unlike many other wedding vendors like caterers or dee-jays), the majority of our work still lays ahead. Itís not simply a matter of transferring video from one camera to a DVD or BlurayĖin fact, itís never that simple! Instead it involves downloading and synchronizing the footage from four cameras and multiple audio sources, color correction, detailed editing and adding in special effects, rendering (and re-rendering!) video files and DVD menus, burning multiple DVDs & Blurays and making copies, and designing & printing DVD packaging. When you consider that if the ceremony was one hour, it will take four hours just to download the footage from the ceremony into the computer, you can begin to understand that thereís simply a lot of work behind the scenes! Thatís why itís imperative that when you hire a videographer, you are hiring someone who loves what they do! And we do!

I found a videographer who is less expensive than you. What gives?

There are some videographers who charge less. They tend to be start-up companies that offer lower rates as an incentive to get your business. The problem is that their inexperience can often result in poor quality video or audio or even missed coverage. Most of these companies tend to go out of business within the first two years. Also, some companies may only offer coverage with two or even only one camera. You simply canít produce a professional grade DVD with footage from only one camera. And two cameras only offers the bare minimum coverage for professional grade. We always shoot with at least 3 to 4 cameras to ensure a wide selection of shots to choose from during editing.

Why not just let my uncle Charlie capture my wedding?

Another thing many couples often donít realize is that there is a huge difference between hiring a professional videographer and simply having uncle Charlie videotape their wedding with his consumer model camcorder. While uncle Charlie certainly means well, his one consumer model camera on a tri-pod (hopefully itís on a tri-pod!) in the back of the room simply cannot produce professional results.

What do you do thatís better?

We shoot with 4 professional HD cameras, one of which we often mount on a 12 foot camera crane (called a jib). It allows us to get the camera well over peopleís heads (even from the very back of the room) for unobstructed views. And it also rotates and moves up and down for some really dramatic looking footage that looks fabulous on the brideís entry as well as the coupleís first dance, etc. Another of our cameras is mobile which allows us to capture all kinds of great shots including, of course, a shot of the bride as she enters the room and walks down the aisle. And our remaining two cameras offer reliable steady shots from two different vantage points. During editing, we can choose which shot we want to go with at any given point and this is what allows us to produce a very ďwatchable,Ē professional grade DVD and Bluray.

Our cameras also offer 3-chip color reproduction and operate well in low-lighting conditions. They also offer optical image stabilization and 20X zoom. Most consumer model cameras do not offer these features and the picture quality suffers as a result. We also make use of high quality wireless mics and digital audio recorders to capture high quality audio (as opposed to the one cheap mic built-in to uncle Charlieís consumer model camcorder) and we are often granted permission to tap directly into the house mixing console for excellent audio.

When you add it all together, it becomes clear why so many couples are hiring a professional videographer to ensure that the sights, sounds and emotions of their once-in-a-lifetime day are professionally captured and preserved..

Isnít four cameras a lot? Wonít that many cameras turn my wedding into a movie set?

Well you might feel like a movie star, but weíve never had a couple complain that we were too intrusive. In fact, most couples tell us they barely even noticed we were there. Our job is to capture events as they unfold, not become a part of them! As explained above, two of the cameras we use at the ceremony are stationary (with no operators) and we place them in discrete locations. Another camera (with an operator) is placed near the back of the room or wedding area and it also is not mobile. Unless the wedding requires special coverage, only one of our cameras is mobile and this allows us to get shots of the wedding party and the bride as they enter. When the bride is about halfway up the aisle, our mobile cameraman moves out of the way and to the side and then eventually to the back of the room or wedding area. Weíve found that for receptions, three cameras are generally sufficient to get the kind of coverage we need.

Do I have to pay everything upfront?

No. We require a $250 deposit to reserve the day. Then half the remaining balance is due anytime up to or on the day of the wedding. The final payment is due when the DVDs and Blurays are ready (generally 4-6 weeks after the wedding).

I donít have a Bluray player so I donít want to spend extra for HD that I canít play.

These days, some couples have Bluray players (or Playstation IIIís) and some donít. In either case Bluray is here and is rapidly replacing standard DVDs. The color and clarity of HD Bluray is amazing. So we have decided to offer one complete, HD Bluray copy with every package. There is no extra charge. So you get the standard DVDs that come with your package as well as one free Bluray with additional copies available. That way, even if you donít have a Bluray player right now, chances are you will down the road. And then, youíll be able to watch your wedding againÖ like youíve never seen it before!

What else makes you unique?

Because we love what we do, we treat every wedding with the same care we would if it were the wedding of a close family member. In fact, by the time the day is over, we often feel like family! Beyond that, one unique and popular item we offer is a digital photo frame. This is included with our Ruby and Diamond packages or as an option. We preload the frame with anywhere from 200-700 digital still photos that we take directly from the most candid moments of our HD video footage. During editing, we have the ability to go through the video frame by frame until we find the perfect shot! In some cases we can even capture special moments from the video that your photographer missed! The frame plugs in to a power outlet and then displays a repeating slide show. Itís becoming a very popular item!

Email us at: rmresler@gmail.com or Call 602-618-2033 for more information.

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